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MoJo’s Grand Ex-Yugoslavia Exploration

MoJo’s month-long visit to the countries of the former Yugoslavia, gives you a  glimpse into its rich history, diversity of cultures and traditions. On this tour, we visited all its five former republics, now independent states – Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro. 

Most of you know the complex history of the region, so I’ll keep the introduction short. Back in its glory days, Yugoslavia was more than just a country, it was an ideal. The Land of the South Slavs was the synonym for national and social equality of all South Slavic people. Social structure strongly shaped the mentality of the people of all six countries that eventually built their own individual paths.

Tito, the symbol of Yugoslavia, was one of the most controversial leaders of the 20th century. While former Yugoslavian nations are still trying to find the best way to deal with their complex history, whilst talking to locals in each country, we learned a lot about the complex identities and sentiments of belonging of people from the Balkans.

We loved our visit to these 5 countries. The only country from the former Yugoslavia that we missed was Macedonia. This is a great part of the world with tremendous history, lots of racial divisions and so much pain and sorrow. The people in each country have moved on, building their own unique futures, some better than others. We were privileged to spend time covering the full circle, starting and ending in Dubrovnik.

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