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About Me

Born and raised in Mumbai,  India, I have always had a taste for the intriguing, the off-beat and the far flung. This quest to always be the first to review a new restaurant, know the best places to visit, and be up to date on happenings around town, is what lead me to a degree in broadcasting. 


As an Arts and Entertainment journalist and editor, my work spans television, cable news, and magazines. My career trajectory has always skewed to being non-linear, never a climb to a destination, but a continuum with experiences that inform and build atop one another, all creating growth opportunities and a new potential for fulfillment


I am a multi-platform storyteller with expertise in digital communications, social media strategy, and content curation. An avid traveler and foodie, I love artisan food and finding hidden gems: restaurants, recipes, destinations. 

Friends have always turned to me for travel and restaurant recommendations, so I decided to dedicate a space where I could share my love for food, the quest for the best dessert in town and all of my travel tips and off the beaten path experiences. 


This website also reflects my husband and my passion for personal development, books, travel, sustainability, science, math, technology and street food. I’m a big believer in anything that builds a sense of community, shores up social capital and brings people together, and when food and travel does all of that, I love it even more!

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