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Small Mercies by Dennis Lehane

Dennis Lehane returns with a masterpiece to rival his earlier novel Mystic River—with an all-consuming tale of revenge, family love, festering hate, and insidious power, set against one of the most tumultuous episodes in Boston’s history - Small Mercies.

Set against the hot, tumultuous months in 1974 when Boston's desegregation of its public schools exploded in violence, Small Mercies is a superb thriller, a brutal depiction of criminality and power, and an unflinching portrait of the dark heart of American racism. It is a mesmerizing and wrenching work that only Dennis Lehane could write.

At once a crime novel, a deep, unflinching look at racism, and a heart-wrenching story about a mother who has lost everything, this narrative delves into life in the projects at a time when the city of Boston struggled to find its soul.


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